A Summer Haircut for "This Week In Education" (Blog News)

Like many, I enjoy the look and feel of a good summer haircut once the weather heats up and school is out. The shorter hair is usually cooler and easier to deal with, and the change of looks signals the new season. In that spirit, "This Week In Education" is getting its own summer buzz: a few changes that I am hoping will make the site cooler and easier to deal with for everyone.

The main change, as you will see, is that I am going to take some time off from trying to make the site the broad, near-comprehensive collection of education articles and reports that it has become.
Despite high tech tricks and the great work being done by others to make education links available in other forms, pulling the links together each week was burdensome and not always rewarding. Lots of readers found that the number of links and categories was getting overwhelming. Others missed the commentary and context that had been pushed out by the influx of links.

The need for a good site that gathers and contextualizes education stories by topic (rather than publication date or publication) remains, but for now at least that is a need that is going to have to remain unfilled -- by me, at least. I'll post something separately about how to make sure you haven't missed anything. In the meantime, look for more commentary and context from me (and fewer links) over the summer months.


Blogger erstwhilesteve said...

Alexander -
I think I'm as relieved as you are - I was losing the thread of your excellent work in the last few weeks, but the most recent posts are back on the track, not hidden under the barrage of links. Keep it up!

1:47 PM  

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