Suing States, Two Plus One Confusion, and Teaching to the Test (NCLB News)

States and NCLB:

State seeks more NCLB flexibility Billings Gazette
Conn. Stands in Defiance on Enforcing 'No Child' Washington Post
Single school testing deal in works Sacramento Bee via EIA
No state left untouched Minneapolis Star Tribune
Virginians Offer Bill on NCLB Flexibility
No lawsuit left behind The Atlantic (subscription)

As Utah shows, however, lawsuits against states might be next: Complaint Targets Utah NCLB Law. Watch out, Connecticut.

Education">Rhetoric and analysis:

The battle to save our schools CNN
Time is on our side Gadfly
Buried Lede...Does CT Expect Less From Black Kids? Eduwonk

"Two Plus One" Rules Create Confusion:

Education">U.S. Provides Rules to States for Testing Special Pupils NYT
New Special Ed Guidelines and Common-Sense NCLB Policy USDE
Two plus one equals confusion Title I Monitor
ED Gives criteria for flexibility Title I Monitor
NCLB Special Ed Policy...Don't Blame The Disabled Kids... Eduwonk

Real-World Experiences:

Urban Districts Create ‘Subsets’ of Schools EW
Teaching to the tests
Long-Awaited Study Shows ‘Success for All’ Gains
Schools May Get Coaching
Big building money gap between rich, poor Michigan schools

State Agencies Juggle NCLB Work, Staffing Woes EW
Teacher resigns over testing law Number 2 Pencil
Only 2% to switch Fulton schools
The Market and Supplemental Education Services NCSPE
AIMS pass scores may be lowered
FCAT scores show improvement

Poor schools improve FCAT reading scores Herald Tribune
Jaden's moment of truth
Orlando Sentinel
Senate measure would target low-performing, charter schools Houston Chronicle
It’s Being Done in St.Paul Achievement Alliance


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