On the Hill, In the States, and at the USDE (National News)

Not that much going on, though I (and apparently no one else) continue to think it a shame that so little seems to be going on with Head Start. On the upside, at least Mr. Bolton wasn't nominated to head the Education Department.

On Capitol Hill:

Congress drops $6B in ed funds eSchool News
House OKs vo-tech aid, defies Bush Inquirer
House Approves Perkins Reauthorization EW
Republicans Unveil House Head Start Bill EW
Head Start bill would boost competition Washington Times

Kindergarten and Evolution and Vouchers in the States:

Many Pre-K Teachers Lack Training, Study Reveals EW
Wilkins On FL Pre-K Fordham Foundation via Eduwonk
Full-day kindergarten spurs academic success Arizona Republic
Iowa lawmakers agree to compromise on early childhood education program
Education">In Kansas, Darwinism Goes on Trial Once More NYT
School vouchers slow to spread Stateline via PEN

At the USDE:

Spellings Team Tackles 'No Child' Problems Washington post


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