The West Wing, New York City Principals, and More (Teaching and Leading)

What The West Wing Thinks:

As the last human being watching "The West Wing," I must dutifully report that, in the show's last episode, an upstart Congressman played by Jimmy Smits refuses to back off his position against teacher tenure even when it might cost him the Democratic nomination, and eventually wins the endorsement of the teachers union president, President Bartlett, and the Democratic Pary. The West Wing Recap.

On a more serious note, one of the most interesting of this week's crop of articles on teaching and leading covers the ups and downs of principals in training in New York: FIRST PRINCIPALS CityLimits.org

Training and support:

School-wise teachers Boston Globe via PEN
Leadership Coaching Changes Schools Principals' Partnership
Virtual Professional Development TLN
Trouble in the workshop United Federation of Teachers
Training Focuses on Teachers’ Expectations
Preparing School Leaders—Shared Responsibilites EW

In the classroom:

Teacher uses pot, booze as teaching tools KTVO
Spare the Rod Christian Science Monitor
Grammar poised for a comeback The Boston Globe
Education Statistics Difficult to Interpret Washington Post
You learned Russian - in high school? CSM
Why Online Teaching Turned Me Off Washington Post
Finding Classes With Class Washington Post

Pay and performance:

Baldacci calls teacher pay boost MaineToday.com
Bill would open books on teachers Lebanon Daily News
Educator calls for more funding, better teachers
Teacher discipline bill Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Signing bonuses ruled illegal Kansas City Star
Teacher pay may change
Foreign teachers a quick fix Washington Post
25% of City Teachers Short on Credentials Washington Post


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