Small Black Boys Schools? (Urban Education)

The full impact of small/charter/themed schools initiatives are only now being considered in the press, even as interest in this approach grows nationwide:

In Push for Small Schools, Other Schools Suffer New York Times
Making small schools work Cleveland Plain Dealer
Clamor for charter schools unaffected by low test scores Sun Times
Private firms consulted for District's Small Schools project
The choices made: Do they really matter? Boston Globe
CPS to study charter schools' effect Cincinnati Enquirer
Rearranging the Furniture - Again Assorted Stuff

What happens to the rest of the system if everyone's focused on small schools, for example? Are there enough motivated principals and teachers to make the new schools work? Do you have to close schools to open new ones, and do they have to be in the same building that was closed?

In the meantime, there's a spate of articles about how boys fare in education, long overshadowed by the plight of girls. Why not a small/themed/charter school for boys while we're at it? Some already are:

Give Boys a Fair Shake in Public Schools Detroit News
Helping Boys Become Better Readers Education World
School Segregates To Boost Achievement Washington Post

The best of the rest:
"Cart teachers" a sign of jammed schools Seattle Times
Why some kids can triumph over life's hard knocks TIME
Some Math Practices Help Minority Pupils Education Week
A Question of Management Assorted Stuff
Ethics Issues Snare School Leaders
Uniform Effects?
When Tests' Cheaters Are the Teachers CSM
Miracles Through Malfeasance Texas Journal
Program targets older immigrant students Houston Chronicle
Consistency is goal of school reform Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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