High School Hysteria, What Tutoring Was Meant to Be (NCLB News)

There are too many articles this week about the Bush Administration plan to expand NCLB into high schools:

Bush Urges Rigorous High School Testing New York Times
High Schools in Need of Testing, Bush Says LA Times
Del. education chief rips extra testing The News Journal

To my mind, the NCLB expansion plan seems designed for two purposes only: to make it appear as if GWB has a second-term education agenda, and to distract folks from focusing on/attacking the existing NCLB, which has only just started to take hold.

Speaking of which, there are three interesting overviews of NCLB at its third birthday:
Revisiting Statewide Educational Accountability Under NCLB CCSSO
Target Attendance and Graduation Rates And How Rates Are Calculated ECS
NCLB Flunks On Third Anniversary FairTest

In the meantime, federal officials are still hoping to work out an agreement with the Chicago public schools, the city's main NCLB tutoring provider. Regardless of who holds the purse strings, tutoring was never meant to be the watered-down after school program that it has become.

Chicago students don’t get the tutoring they deserve Chicago Journal
'Intense' tutoring program approved Crookston Daily Times
More city students seek free tutoring New York Daily News
Why Not Also Quantify Private Tutors’ Outcomes? Education Week

The best of the rest:
N.D., Utah Dispute Federal Findings on Teacher Quality
Only few opt to pull kids out of subpar schools (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
North Carolina to review rigor of state tests The Charlotte Observer
Reconstitution is no model SF Gate
55 Schools Fail To Meet No Child Progress Goals Jackson Clarion Ledger
109 school districts fail to make federal progress Detroit News
Feds flunk 30 Detroit-area school districts DetNews.com
In Our Schools: What makes a highly qualified teacher? Grand Fork Herald
A failing British school's remarkable turnaround The Guardian (London)
No child left behind -- but mine San Francisco Chronicle
Springs district forgoes test, cash Denver Post


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