High School Is Where It's At

The President wants to do it. The foundations want to do it. The big cities are trying to do it. The slew of Gates-related stories this week provides a great opportunity to reflect on the current rage for reforming high schools that is sweeping the nation, or at least some corners of it: The schoolhouses that Gates built (Christian Science Monitor), The blind men and the high school (Education Gadfly), Gates Foundation Adding to a School Project (New York Times), Gates grants to expand 'early college' high schools (Seattle Post Intelligencer). Not that there's anything wrong with examining high schools: Six Surprises From Challenging High Schools (Washington Post), In AP-vs.-IB Debate, A Win for the Students (Washington Post).


Blogger Jenny D. said...

What's you take on the HS push? I get the feeling it's a little premature. We've got decent results from improvements in teaching in grades K-3 (more or less) but there's still a 4th grade drop off in reading comprehension.

So to jump into fixing high schools seems a little bit out of order. Should we first get late elementary and middle school in better order?

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