August 20 2004 Edition

Growing Backlash Against Charter Schools:  A long, long time ago, it seems, charter schools were the seemingly perfect political compromise between public school advocates and those who favored competition and private school vouchers – a compromise that public school advocates (including teachers unions) endorsed just in the nick of time to avoid losing voucher debates in Congress and elsewhere.  

Without charters, there would almost certainly be more publicly funded private school voucher initiatives in operation than the current handful.   Under Al Shanker, the AFT endorsed charter schools, and Bill Clinton and many other Democrats (including Ted Kennedy and John Kerry) helped spur the creation of more than 3,000 charter schools around the country.  

As this week's flurry of articles and denunciations shows, however, that compromise seems on the verge of collapse -- but why?   The overall quality of charter schools seems the least likely reason.  Perhaps it was the loss of Shanker’s progressive leadership, or tight budget times that pit charter schools against their traditional counterparts, or the spread of private and for-profit education management organizations (EMOs) running charter schools, or lack of strong Democratic leadership -- or a combination of factors.  

Still, what seems hard to understand is why anyone would take this particular moment to pick a fight against charter schools (or create a wedge issue during a campaign homestretch).  What remains unclear as of yet is whether pressure from labor will force Democrats to undo bipartisan support for charters in the future.  

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School Life

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