EdWeek On Facebook? It's True.

EdWeek wants to get us while we're young, it seems, and towards that effort has dipped its toe into the world of "social networking" sites (which are increasingly being used to market products and services as well as find out who the cute guy in Chemistry is dating).

I know this because I happened to be checking in on one of my favorite Facebook groups (American Education). There it was -- a comment promoting the unfortunately-named Teacher Jobs & Information group, which is run by one of EdWeek's online producers and basically showcases EdWeek content (jobs, news stories, etc.) and currently has about 300 members, many of whom appear to be education majors and new teachers. There's a little bit of interactivity -- poll responses and reader comments -- along with pictures and biographical information about each student. What's next, I wonder -- an EdWeek page on MySpace?


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