Morning Round-up November 21, 2006

Those Who Pass Classes But Fail Tests Cry Foul WaPo
Driven by the federal No Child Left Behind law and tougher state diploma standards, the testing blitz has left these students in a curious limbo: They pass their classes with B's and C's yet fail the state exams.

N.Y. Is Ordered to Pay $1.93 for City Schools NYT
The figure is much lower than the $4.7 billion a year that lower courts had said was needed to give the city’s children the opportunity for a sound basic education guaranteed by the State Constitution.

Students break record by reading aloud for 6 straight days
A team of high school seniors set a six-day reading record on Monday as a way to bolster students' interest in books and boost their school's spirit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think less than two dollars is going to help NYC schools.

4:28 PM  

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