What You Missed At New America's PK-3 Forum

In the beautiful Senate Caucus Room, the New America Foundation and the Foundation for Child Development yesterday co-hosted a forum called "Ready to Teach? PK-3 and NCLB." The forum featured Kimberly Oliver, 2006 Teacher of the Year who teaches Kindergarten in Silver Spring, MD, Rebecca Palacios , Vice Chair of NBPTS, Josue Cruz, Jr, Dean of the College of Education at Bowling Green State University (Ohio), and Stephanie Robinson, President and CEO of the Jamestown Project. What jumped out at me most was that the forum was full of NCLB supporters - each of the speakers stressed different ways of strenghtening the law, from putting the best quality teachers in classrooms to creating more consistency in standards for teacher ed and PK-3. New America Foundation was also releasing an issue brief authored by Justin King and Lindsey Luebchow found here.

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