Morning Round-up October 27, 2006

Schools Spend $600 Billion on Facilities, But Inequities Persist, Report Finds Ed Week
States and school districts spent almost $600 billion on building and renovating schools from 1995 to 2004, but the money did not go to the most disadvantaged districts that needed it the most.

Next leader of L.A. school district vows to remove 'bad teachers'
Los Angeles' incoming schools chief vowed Thursday to make removing "bad teachers" a major focus of his plan to improve schools — and made clear he was willing to sacrifice his early popularity over the issue.

Closing the Gap, Child by Child WaPo
But the size and wealth of Fairfax and the strong reputation of its schools make the county an important case study of efforts to eliminate educational disparities. The county has the region's largest school system, with more than 164,000 students. About one-tenth are black, and half are white.


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