Morning Round-up October 16, 2006

NYC School Takeover Inspires Fenty, but Critics Abound WaPo
Adrian Fenty will meet with NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chancellor Joel Klein to discuss his ability the takeover the DC school district. Bloomberg says his advice to Fenty is "Do everything right away. Beg for forgiveness, but not permission. Just do it."

Wanted: Schools Chief With Zero Experience LAT
Claiming that career educators can become oblivious to the flaws of their schools, David L. Brewer III was chosen to run the second-largest school system without any experience running or working in a school.

Gunman in classroom? Texas students told to fight back
Seattle Times
Instead of sitting quietly or hiding under desks if a gunman invades the classroom, students are being taught to rush him and hit him with everything they have: books, pencils, legs and arms.

UPDATE: At Philly 'Future' School, Books Are So 20th Century NPR
The School of the Future, a much-anticipated high-tech high school, opened its doors last month in one of Philadelphia's poorer neighborhoods. Designed with input from Microsoft, the school uses the latest technology to teach students the fundamentals.


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