Morning Round-up September 26, 2006

Spellings Back Ideas to Shake Up College WaPo
Spellings wants to make choosing, affording and succeeding in college easier for families. A collection of confidential information will re-vamp USDE's current college website for better comparision of colleges and make applying for federal aid a speedier process.

When the teacher brings the apple CSM (via Jimmy K)
Based on a 2003 survey teachers end up shelling out more than $443 a year -- these purchases have become part of the public-school culture. In other professions, such out of pocket expenses would be compensated or discouraged.

Early schooling seen as top priority
Wisconsin could lead the nation in making early childhood education a top priority. Citing early education as the best investment for building a better work force and preventing a bevy of social problems, businesses will lead the charge for expanding learning opportunities for children under 5.

US schools to receive hazard warning radios
Boston Globe
After the success that a hazard radio provided for schools in New England, the government planned to annouce today that it will supply hazard radios to all 97,000 public schools in the U.S.


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