Can ECS Make It?

It's no secret that the Education Commission of the States has been going through some rough times lately. Most notably the resignations of many senior policy and accounting analysts this past May and the poor fiscal health that former President Piedad F. Robertson hasn't been able overcome. With philanthropic interests moving away from broad issue groups and focusing more on specific issue groups it is not clear that ECS's financial problems will be able to be resolved soon.

When Governor Kathleen Sebelius took over as chair in July she admitted that although the three main sources of revenue (state dues, grants and contracts) were declining, a recent audit said the finances were "in pretty good shape." Progress continues this week with the announcement of Interim President Roderick Chu and the development of a survey in an effort to have a more open, transparent relationship with ECS's stakeholders and supporters.

Is the ECS really making progess in the right direction, or will this lead nowhere?

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