What You Missed At This Week's "When State Standards Go Wrong"

As you already know, the Fordham Foundation earlier this week released two reports:The State of State Standards (2006) and To Dream the Impossible Dream. Skim it all, but read closely the description of how California, Indiana, and Massachusetts came to have such high standards on page 19 --by our very own edusphere blogger Joanne Jacobs!

The rest of the event consisted of Lynn Olson moderating a panel of Chester E. Finn, Jr, Eugene Hickok, Joan Baratz-Snowden, and Governor Bob Wise about national standards.

This debate was much less divided than the national standards debate held in March by Education Sector (maybe New America will have a national standards forum next month). In March, Petrilli was advocating a system of national standards and panelist Deborah Meier would not hear of it. This time, Eugene Hickok was the panelist most opposed to the idea making the comment that he was especially opposed to the federal government creating and mandating the standard because he has worked for the USDE!


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