Morning Round-up August 9, 2006

It Takes More Than Schools to Close Achievement Gap NYT
A growing body of research suggests that while schools can make a difference for individual students, the fabric of children's lives outside of school can either nurture, or choke, what progress poor children do make academically.

Giving D.C. Students Tools to Succeed
Senta Smith knows that school supplies are important to going back-to-school, so she is throwing a back-to-school party for the kids in her SE community. But her real goal is to encourage kids to be "psyched about going back to school."

Not A Job For The Schools NYP
City officials plan to try to restrict the internet activities of students at home.

Parents Digging Up Data On Teachers NYP
Parents are taking advantage of a little-known provision of NCLB that allows parents of students receiving federal poverty aid the right to see the credentials of their students teachers.


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