Commentary Roundup

Preschool's power Boston Globe
Preschool can be a place where young children learn, make friends, and develop the skills they'll need to be ready for school. Many states have preschool, but only three states have universal preschool programs.

Have we forgotten civic education? LA Times
How is Jefferson's vision for sound history and civic education doing today? Social Studies is no longer a priority in schools and has not been for some time. Partly due to NCLB, resources for history/social science in terms of professional development, materials and even instruction time are scarce.

"No Child Left Behind" Should Start At Home Buzzle.com
The No Child Left Behind Act is a bipartisan trophy in the display case of education reform. What's missing? Two things. Sufficient staff--and parents.

School funding solution is in a backpack
New York Daily News
There's no doubt that America's public schools, especially its urban schools, are spending lots of money without the results to show for it. A reform idea called "weighted student fudning" makes intelliggent use of the resources we already devote to education.


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