Morning Round-up June 29, 2006

Could school be out for Paul Vallas? Phila Daily News
Paul Vallas, the Philadelphia School District's charismatic chief executive officer, had hoped to have a contract extension right about now - one year before his five-year contract expires

Microsoft looks to academia for talent AP
Through academia, Microsoft hopes to convince young minds to become loyal to Microsoft products, help influence university and government research -- and perhaps ensure it doesn't miss out on the next big technoloical wave.

Goo and Fluff Prevail in Battle Over Lunches NYT
A Massachusetts state senator has backed off a pledge to restrict sandwiches made from Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter in elementary schools.

Steering Minority Teens Into Teaching Washington Post
A New York based non-profit will choose 50 9th, 10th, and 1th graders to be linked to paid mentors in their schools, place them in SAT prep courses, and help them apply to a select group of colleges who have promised to reduce their tuition by at least 5o percent.


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