Morning Round-up June 19, 2006

A Memorial at Last for Columbine Killings NYT
Construction of a long-delayed and reduced memorial to the victims of the Columbine High School shootings began on Friday n a quiet spot between two hills in a park where students took refuge as chaos descended on April 20, 1999.

Can this spread be stopped? Boston Globe
The escalating war on junk food has targetd a new enemy -- that gooey, sugary, and often irresistible sandwich spread known to children everywhere as Fluff.

Race is still part of equation for equal education USA TODAY
The fight is no longer violent, of course - a measure of how far we have come - but its persistence shows how vast the gulf between the races remains.

How Schools Pay a (Very High) Price for Failing to teach Reading Properly
Federal disability law offers public school systems a stark choice: The schools can properly educate learning-disabled childre - or they can fork over the money to let private schools do the job.


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