Morning round-up June 12, 2006

Spelling Gutting National Review Online
A few weeks ago when an Associated Press story revealed that more than half the states had created gaping loopholes in No Child Left Behind's strict school-rating system--with the approval of the U.S. Department of Education--the press and members of the Congress on both sides of the aisle were quick to decry the situation and call for an immediate fix.

More will be left behind if tutoring is not utilized Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
In far too many places, it's not the parents' fault or an oversight that's to blame. It is the people in charge of the schools, who, in far too many cases, think that the money set aside for free tutoring is money that ought to stay with their school and disctricts instead - that it's their money to manage as they see fit.

Testing Kid's Web Smarts
Harford Courant
Do they have the reading skills they need to explore the wide-open, uncharted world of the internet?

The headline that made me laugh: A Ring tone Meant to Fall on Deaf Ears NYT


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