Laptops Lose

Handing out laptops in schools sounds like a great idea, but three articles last week describe programs that appear to have bleak futures due to funding and curriculum woes.

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Laptops-in-schools program in doubt demonstrates how Gov. Rendell and the Pennsylvania Department of Education want to start implementing the laptops-in-schools program before the funds are allocated in the legislature.

In the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Court rules against Cobb laptop program demostrates how the wording of a ballot itemthat specified the tax was for the purpose of updating computer lab stations used by all students caused the Georgia Supreme Court to rule against a measure where Cobb County was using the money for take-home laptop computers for middle and high school students.

In the comment section of Education Secretary supports laptop program by the AP, readers are concerned that intoducing laptops into classrooms will distract from the core parts of curriculum that are already suffering such as reading, mathematics and writing. (For those reasons, some Harvard biz school professors want to ban laptops.)


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