Morning Round-up May 4, 2006

Regulation of the testing industry, parents & morals, kindergarten and more...


State Risks Millions Over Test Hartford Courant
Technical problems at a ompany that scores Connecticut's annual exam of high school sophomores are likely to cause the state to miss a U.S. government deadline for reporting test results, officials said Wednesday

In lawsuit, parents say schools ignore their beliefs
Boston Globe
Do parents or public schools have the final say in deciding what morals, values, and principles should be taught to children, and what age should those lessons take place?

In Wake of SAT Errors, Senator Seeks New Rules on College
Testing NYT
The chairman of the State Senate's higher education committee said on Tuesday that he would push for stricter government oversight of the college admissions testing industry, including a requirement that all questions and answers be disclosed after the exams without charge.

State: No fees for kindergarten
Indianapolis Star
Parents who were planning to pay to send their children to full-day kindergarten next year may now get it for free -- or possibly not at all.


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