Morning Round-up May 30, 2006

Interested in the Pre-K Debate? The Washington Post has links to an overview of a report by PreKNow regarding PreK proposals in each state, but feel free to visit www.preknow.org for the full report details.

California Initiative Renews Preschool Debate Washington Post
Debate over a universal pre-kindergarten proposal on the ballot June 6 in California shows that widespread disagreement continues over whether the education of all 4-year-olds should be a public obligation.

Early education key to scientific career choice Boston Globe
Teeange career preferences are a more reliable indicator than mathematical aptitude for predicting which students become scientists, suggesting a flaw in federal education strategies, a University of VA study found.

School districts turn to paid readers for grading student essays
Seattle Times
Seattle's Garfield High School is piloting such a program to reduce the workload of teachers and allow the students more writing practice.

Minority gifted kids left behind
San Antonio's Express-News via Jimmy K
In too many cases teachers and administrators fail to identify poor and minority children as gifted, especially in schools with a wide range of ethnic, racial and income diversity.

Schoolkids are 'Metal Detractors'
NY Post
More than 100 students protested school-safety policies yesterday, demanding an end to metal detectors and random scanning procedures.


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