Morning Round-up May 3, 2006

Sugary drinks, new math test, who's in charge of public education? and more....

Sugary Drinks To Be Pulled From Schools
Washington Post
The beverage industry is scheduled to annouce today that it is voluntarily removing high-calorie soft drinks from all schools.

Higher teacher pay met with resistence keepMEcurrent.com
A bill that would raise minium teacher salaries to $27,000 this coming school year and $30,000 the next made it through a divided Legislature Friday with concerns still resonating that local budgets will be forced to go up as teachers across the board demand higher pay.

Parents in charge of kids' education
Asbury Park Press
If you are the type of parent who feels that educating your child is the burden of the taxpayers and local schooll district, you are the one who if failing your children.

70,000 high school students in state start Gateway tests today Tennessean.com
A rite of passage begins today for about 70,000 Tennessee high school students, but to make the grade, students only need to answer just over half the questions right.


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