Morning Round-up, May 19, 2006

The Associated Press covered the House Education and Workforce Committee from yesterday, stay tuned for a more indept first-hand account of the hearing...

Lawmakers willing to work on No Child law AP
Lawmakers said Thursday they were willing to make the No Child Left Behind law more flexible, but warned there won't be a lot fo extra federal money to help pay for it.

Illinois State Board of Eduction Voted to Cut Testing Contract
The Illinois State Board of Education voted to cut the state's contract with Harcourt Assessment Inc., the testing company that handles most of the testing required under the No Child Left Behind.

Schools that took in displaced students get break on test scores
Shreveport Times
Schools in six states that took in thousands of students displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita last year won't have to worry that the influx of disaster-weary children could hurt their schools' academic standing.


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