Morning Round-up, May 18, 2006

As you are reading Ben Feller's article about NC and Tenn and Dept. of Ed's pilot program, feel free to check out more details from the Dept. of Ed.

N.C., Tenn. chose for federal experiment AP
North Carolina and Tennessee, the only two states chosen for the No Child Left Behind education experiment, will be allowed to change the way they measure student progress under the schooling law.

Does Higher Per-Pupil Spending Guarantee Success? The Numbers Say No
Washington Post
As county governments in Northern Virginia continue finalizing their budgets for the next fiscal year, one number always stands out: their school divisons' cost per pupil.

Teachers earn more in combined and vocational schools
Boston Globe
Teachers at regional and vocational techincal schools and at one of the most urban districts in the area lead the region in pay, according to a Globe survey.


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