Morning Round-up May 15, 2006

On the topic of oursourcing of tutoring, here's a good look at public school outsourcing from January, and the most popular news from this weekend -- the fact that no state will have the correct number of quality teachers,

No states meet teacher-quality goal set in federal law AP
Not a single state will have a "highly" qualified teacher in every core class this school year as promised by President Bush's education law.

Homework Help, From a World Away Washington Post
Thousands of U.S. students are relying on overseas tutors to boost their grades and SAT scores.
Groups Fight Rule on Aid to Students
LA Times
A huge number od denials has sparked a backlash by students, educators and civil libertarians who are seeking to repeal the drug-conviction provision through Congress and the cocurts.

High School Exit Exam Tossed
LA Times
A judge says the test, rewuired for graduation for the first time this year, places and unfair burden on students in low-performing schools.

Former University President Will Lead U.S. Math Panel
The Bush Administratoin has names a former President of the University of Austin to lead a national panel to weigh in on the math wars playing out across the country.


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