Morning Round-up May 12, 2006

Congress will be considering a bill to keep predators away from students in public schools and libraries...but not without some resistence from News Corp who says they have already handled the problem.

Bill Seeks to Block Access to MySpace in Schools LATimes
Concerned about reports of pedophiles trolling wildly popular "social networking" websites for teenage victims, REp. Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R-PA) has introduced a bill to prohibit anyone under 18 from accessing them on school or library computers.

Crunch Time for Commission Inside HigherEd
As U.S. panel prepares to meet with deadline looming, tensions rise. Can its members reach consensus?

Colleges Report Mystery Decline in SAT Scores NYT
College applicants' average scores this year fell significantly, by more than 10 points at some universities. Usually, scores change glacially, a point or two a year.

New budget rules draw educators' ire eSchool News
Georgia and Texas are among the first state to implemenet a controversial rule that would rewuire schools to spend at least 65 percent of their operating budgets on classroom expenditures.

Southern lawmakers battle over studying Bible in public schools Chicago Sun-Times
The long-dormant idea of teaching public school students about the Bible is getting a frsh look this year from state legislatures and local school boards...


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