Morning Round-up May 10, 2006

For today's most talked about news, you may also refer to NCLB Update: Neither Draconian Nor Toothless. We are also still waiting to hear the California Judge's decision on exit exams...


Overhaul looms for rising number of schools
Falling short of requirements under President Bush's education law, about 1,750 US Schools have been ordered into radical "restructuring", subject to mass firings, closure, state takeover, or other moves aimed at wiping their slates clean.

Two Setbacks for Exit Exams Taken by High School Seniors NYT
A judge in Oakland said Tuesday that he was inclined to ban such tests as a graduation requirement in California and a Massachusetts school board voted to issue diplomas to students who had failed such tests despite a law prohibiting that.

Schools to test keyless entry Baltimore Sun
The large ring of keys dangling from the waist, long a janitorial status symbol in public schools, may soon be replaced by a keyless entry system that allows teachers and staff to open doors by waving ID cards.


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