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Not counting Education Daily or the running list of stories clipped by Stateline, there are five main education news roundups that come out every day: ESC's E-Clips, EducationNews.org, EdWeek's Daily News, ASCD's SmartBrief, and the District Administration Daily. Some come by email, others are available via website or even RSS (ideally). All but the EdWeek clips are totally free.

But which is best -- in terms of comprehensiveness, organization, unique content, and time of delivery? You may be surprised. We weigh in below -- and await your comments and suggestions. What do you think?


From best to worst:

Daily Education News by Educationnews.org: This site has finds that no one else seems to pick out, as well as education commentary and international education news. It doesn't have topical subject headings, but it's usually ready when you get to your computer in the morning. Has RSS. Skews right.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD): The ASCD Smartbrief provides a good mix of national and local education news. The News is separated into convenient catagories such as: Eye on Curriculum, Professional Leadership, Technology Solutions, and Policy Watch, and the SmartBrief (a service ASCD pays SmartBrief to provide) provides a medium amount of news -- not 5 articles, but not 25 either. It's easy to find what you are looking for. The only downsides are that it seems to come out later and later each day, and there's no RSS feed.

Daily News from EdWeek.org: One of the first to put out a daily roundup, the Daily News is very comprehensive mix of national and local news, organized by publication -- but not by topic (which would be much more helpful). There is a Today's Best feature. It's not available until noon. Full access to the site requires $$.

ECS E-clips from the Education Commission of the States: The E-Clips, one of the first of this kind, picks out about 6 articles and features a good mix of national and local news. It's particularly good for quick look if you aren't looking for a specifc topic area, but want some education news. However sometimes the stories are from the previous day. Has RSS. Links go through ECS not directly to the source.

DA Daily from District Administration: The Daily has some nuts-and-bolts features that others do not have -- the Executive Position of the Day and the Contract News sections. But it only carries a few national stories, and has a lot of ads and clutter. It is obviously focused more towards administrators. But it arrives pretty early in the day.

Wildcard Entry: The Casey Journalism Center Daily Summary: Focused on children and families rather than education, the CJC Daily Summary contains some great and little-noticed pieces every day by noon.


Anonymous john said...

I'm familiar with three of them: educationnews.org, ECS and Education Week's.

Of these, educationnews is the winner hands down. It's quirky, free, and finished before some of the others have even gotten out of bed.

As you say, it's right-leaning, but it's not wing-nutty (except for a few commentaries). And its operator has a mostly healthy obsession with special ed, reading instruction and Texas.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Delia Stafford said...

Educationnews.org has more to offer than any other news group in education.It provides an excellent venue for many unknown writers and educators that have valuable and worthwhile ideas for solving problems in our public schools.

Delia Stafford
Haberman Educational Foundation

7:52 AM  

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