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Is Spellings flabby and inflexible, which students are "Big Macs"?, a student version of MoveOn.org, and more...


Connections AssortedStuff
Has anyone else noticed a similarity between the immigration plan being pushed by Congressional "leaders" and the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)?

Student "Big Macs" PoBronson.com
More students work full time and go to school than Hillary Clinton might think.

Spellings Remains Flabby and Inflexible Schools Matter
The big winners here, of course, are the Kaplans and Princeton Reviews and Carapults of the world who want to lap up this federal gravy before the Bushies are run out of town.

Student Voices Matter Teaching Matters Most
Our Education, a newly formed non-profit organization is mobilizing student voice to demand a quality public education for all of America's children.

Underreporting Crime in Public Schools: A Shell Game? The Wonks
It is being said that some New York schools are underreporting incidents of violent crime in order to make them appear to be safer than they actually are.


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