Morning Round-up, April 4 2006

Gay kids, teachers blogging, mandatory online classes, choosing majors, and more...


Bills nationwide address gays in schools SF Gate
Lawmakers in state capitols across the country are drafting legislation targeting gay and lesbian youth in public schools.

Blackboard Blogging Washington Post
The teacher's lounge, that secretive place where, students imagine, teachers sip coffee, smoke, and gossip about them, has gone global.

Mich. first to mandate online learning eSchool News
Michigan became to first state in the nation to have students ecperience some form of online instruction before receiving a diploma when the state legislature on March 30 approved a bill to ratchet up the state's graduation requirements.

Who's Really Fit To Teach? Hartford Courant via Jimmy K.
Thousands of Connecticut teachers, including some award-winning educators, could face new job reviews because they do not meet U.S. government standards as "highly qualified teachers," federal officials say.

Parents, students weigh in on choosing majors Herald Tribune
An idea aimed as improving public education and making Florida schools more competitive in the global economy is receiving mized reviews form parents and students.

For Some, Hurdles Keep a Diploma Out of Reach LA Times
Latino students are still falling through multiple cracks in the "educational pipeline".


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